About Me


Thanks for clicking on my corner of the World Wide Web! My name is Jessica, but some of the dearest people in my life call me Jessie Sue. I’ve created this space to share the things I love, the things I’m thinking about, and everything else in between. I’m not a professional writer, beauty expert, cook, or really anything now that I think of it (darn). I’d say I’m just your average gal, learning as she goes. So if I make a typo — cut me some slack. If I tell you to try a new lipstick and it looks horrible on you — my bad. And if I share a recipe that tastes like garbage — whoops! Maybe don’t eat it.

This world can be a tough place, but I want this blog to be a place of joy, laughter, vulnerability, and encouragement. So grab a cup of coffee (with french vanilla creamer, it’s the best), have a seat, and enjoy the read!

Jessie Sue